A resident of Chicago, John Heintz graduated with his juris doctor in 2007. He subsequently earned Illinois school administrative licensure from DePaul University and studied in the Netherlands, where he completed a master of laws in public international law at Leiden University. John Heintz also holds a master of business administration from the University of Chicago.

As senior and legal consultant at Lydian, Inc., he leads a management consultancy that primarily focuses on sustainability, organizational design, human capital organization, information technology, leadership, and law-related services. Since cofounding Lydian in 2013, he has counseled international business executives in personal contract negotiations and expanded the firm through the creation and execution of an organizational development plan.

Concurrent to his time at Lydian, Mr. Heintz served a term as chief legal officer and assistant superintendent for operations with Niles Township High School District 219. The Niles 219 District previously employed him as chief legal officer and assistant superintendent for human resources.